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National Dementia Strategies

French Neurodegenerative Diseases Plan 2014-2019


France's French neurodegenerative diseases plan for 2014-2019 on 18 November 2014.

This plan had been preceded by three national Alzheimer Plans, which had been launched in 2001, 2004 and 2008. The latter, launched by President Nicolas Sarkozy, with a budget of EUR 1.6 billion

Outline of strategy

Announced by France’s President Francois Hollande, the plan has three main priorities:

First priority – “Improving the diagnosis and management of patients”:

  • enhanced coordination between the attending physician and neurologist
  • better access to expertise, with the creation of 24 expert centres dedicated to multiple sclerosis, Parkinson consolidation of 25 specialised centres, in addition to existing reference centres for Alzheimer
  • 100 new devices specifically in support of better healthcare for older people
  • the development of therapeutic education for patients and their caregivers.

Second priority – “Ensuring the quality of life of patients and their caregivers”:

  • increased home support, with 74 new teams specialised in Alzheimer's disease and behavioural experiments, to adapt this approach to Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis
  • more support for caregivers - 65 new support and respite platforms
  • support programs for patients and their caregivers as set out in the draft Health Act
  • priority given to maintaining employment and vocational rehabilitation for younger patients
  • digital solutions such as SMS alerts and smartphone and tablet apps, to improve patient autonomy.

Third priority – “Develop and coordinate research”:

  • recognition for centres of excellence in teaching and research will ensure France’s place in European and international projects
  • improving knowledge tools will allow France to act more effectively on neurodegenerative diseases.

Further information

Further information on developments related to dementia policy in France can be found at:

The previous national Alzheimer's Plans, as well as the Neurodegenerative Disease Plan 2014-2019.



Last Updated: Wednesday 03 February 2021