On 2 December, the Norwegian Government published its new Dementia Plan 2025, outlining the country’s approach to dementia policy up to 2025. 

The development and publication of the new strategic document follows a positive evaluation of the previous Dementia Plan 2020, as well as the previous work undertaken by the country as part of its Dementia Plan 2015. 

Outline of Strategy

The Dementia Plan 2025 outlines three overarching goals, which set the strategic focus of the plan:

  • People with dementia and their relatives receive a timely diagnosis and receive high quality and personalised services
  • People with dementia and their relatives are able to participate in a dementia-friendly society that allows them to live an active and meaningful life, with physical, social and cultural activity adapted to individual interests, desires and needs
  • Increased research and knowledge about prevention and treatment of dementia.

To achieve these aims, the Norwegian Dementia Plan 2025 contains four main focus areas:

  • Co-decision making and participation
  • Prevention and public health
  • High-quality and coordinated services
  • Planning, skills and knowledge development.

Under each area, the long terms strategic approach is outlined, followed by specific measures which seek to achieve the vision articulated.

Further information

Further information on the Dementia Plan 2025 can be found (in Norwegian) at:

You can download the plan (in Norwegian or English) below.