On July 6, 2023, the Slovenian Government approved the new Dementia Management Strategy until 2030, the second such national strategy in the country. The strategy builds on the previous strategy which ran between 2016 and 2020.

Outline of strategy

The Government adopted the Dementia Management Strategy in Slovenia until 2030 (the Strategy), which provides the basis for an integrated approach by all stakeholders to tackle the problem of dementia and related conditions. The Strategy has made significant progress in the management of people with dementia and in supporting their families. Based on the Strategy, a system will be established by 2030 in which every person with dementia will be surrounded by understanding and will have access to high-quality, accessible and effective treatment. The planned actions will have a significant impact on improving the quality of life of people with dementia, their families and carers.

The Strategy identifies ten objectives, including:

  • Promotion of preventive programmes for reducing risk factors and for maintaining and strengthening health in the community with different approaches to individual groups and individuals

  • Diagnosing the early stages of neurocognitive disorders, improving access to quality, safe and effective health care and treatment

  • Improving access to appropriate and coordinated post-diagnostic multidisciplinary treatment for people with dementia, including integrated treatment, long-term care, social services, support for families or caregivers in the local environment, and access to palliative care

  • Use of modern information and communication technologies for the treatment and support of people with dementia

  • Respecting the dignity of people with dementia, reducing stigma and raising awareness of the wider society and the professional public for the development and establishment of dementia-friendly communities

  • Education of all professional groups in the field of dementia management

  • Establishing national dementia data collection

  • Promoting dementia research

  • Establishing a National Dementia Centre

  • Appropriate treatment of persons with dementia during epidemics and other emergencies.

To implement the Strategy, the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with all stakeholders, will draw up action plans for a period of 2 to 5 years. The first Action Plan will set out actions for 2023 and 2024. Within this plan, with the exception of the actions that are already being implemented, all actions will be aimed at preparing the expert basis for the implementation of the Strategy.

Further information

Further information on dementia policy in Slovenia is available at:

The current and previous dementia strategies (in Slovenian) are available to download below.