Published in January 2017, the Danish National Action Plan on Dementia 2025 builds on the work of the first national action plan on dementia which ran between 2010-2014.

Launched by then Minister of Health, Sophie Loehde, the Plan is supported by the equivalent of approximately EUR 60 million of funding to implement the measures.

Outline of Strategy

The strategy contains three overarching national goals:

  1. All 98 municipalities in Denmark should be dementia friendly.
  2. More people with dementia must be detected and 80% must have a diagnosis.
  3. Improving care and treatment reduces consumption of medicines amongst people with dementia by 50% before 2025.

The strategy further outlines 5 focus areas, encapsulating 23 specific initiatives to achieve the national goals. The focus areas are:

  1. Early detection and better quality in examination and in treatment
  2. Improved quality of care, nursing and rehabilitation
  3. Support and guidance for the relatives of people with dementia
  4. Dementia friendly communities and housing
  5. Increasing knowledge and professional skills.

Further information

Further information on the implementation of the strategy and dementia policy in Denmark can be found at:

The full strategy (in Danish) and a summary of the strategy (in English) can be downloaded below.