On 14 May2020, Iceland’s Minister of Health, Svandís Svavarsdóttir launched the Icelandic National Dementia Action Plan 2020-2025, setting out a plan for services for people with dementia in the country, 

The development of the strategy follows the Icelandic Parliament's Resolution of 2017, which mandated the Minister of Health to: "Formulate a policy on the issues of individuals with dementia that involves raising awareness and education for the public and family members, increased emphasis on the gathering of statistical information and targeted information, an effort to improve the quality of care for the rapidly expanding patient population in the community”.

Outline of strategy

The plan covers six areas and defines 48 actions, each with specific measurable goals. The six areas covered in the Action Plan are:

  • Self-determination, patient involvement and legal framework
  • Prevention
  • Timely diagnosis of dementia at the right place and follow-up after diagnosis
  • Functionality, self-help and support
  • Proper service based on the level of dementia
  • Scope, research, knowledge and skills.

Further information

More information on the work taking place in Iceland can be found at:

The Action Plan can be downloaded (in Icelandic) below.