Italy's first national dementia strategy was approved by the national government and the regions in October 2014. The strategy was developed by the Ministry of Health in close cooperation with the regions, the National Institute for Health, as well as Federazione Alzheimer Italia and Alzheimer Uniti Italia.

Outline of strategy

The main purpose of the strategy is to promote and improve interventions in the field of dementia, including around specialist and therapeutic interventions, as well as focusing on the support of patients and families throughout pathway of care.

Four main objectives are identified within the strategy. These are:

  1. Promote policies and actions in the view of public health and social approach
  2. Create/strengthen the network of integrated services based on an integrated approach
  3. Implement strategies for promoting appropriate, high quality care
  4. Improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their families through empowerment and fighting against stigma

Further information

Further information on the latest developments related to dementia policy in Italy can be found at:,%20ospedale%20e%20territorio&area=demenze

The text of the strategy (in Italian), as well as a presentation on the strategy (In English) can be downloaded below.