Multi-MeMo stands for “Shorter- and longer-term mechanisms of multimodal interventions to prevent dementia”. Funded by JPND, the project aligns experimental molecular, cellular, and animal models with a very strong array of unique multi-national multimodal human trials which have already demonstrated multi-year cognitive and functional benefits across the entire continuum from at-risk to prodromal disease stages. This will allow comprehensive in-depth analysis of multiple relevant molecular and cellular mechanisms that cannot be clarified from human trials alone, as well as to rapidly validate the identified mechanisms for clinical relevance using successful long-term (up to 11years) human trial data and samples.

Representatives of Alzheimer Europe involved in the project:

Cindy supports the communication and dissemination work of Multi-MeMo
Alzheimer Europe Staff - Project Officer - Ana Dia
Ana participates in the Public Involvement work of the project.