The "Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease by Immune Profiling of Cytotoxic Lymphocytes and Recording of Sleep Disturbances” - short ADIS project is a three-year project that started in July 2022.

The goal of ADIS is to thoroughly characterize the role of peripheral blood cytotoxic lymphocytes as potential markers for the early prediction of Alzheimer's disease, and to investigate the influence of digitally assessed sleep disturbances on these markers.

The project partners will specifically focus on deep profiling of Natural Killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic Memory T (TM) cells. The project will follow a multidisciplinary approach for deep characterization of NK and TM subpopulations via single cell RNA and T-cell receptor (TCR) sequencing as well as flow cytometry, including an innovative approach to link immune signatures with physiological disturbances. Using Artificial Intelligence models and Agent-Based-Modeling (ABM), this project is expected to yield:

  1. new candidate biomarkers and insights into the role of peripheral cytotoxic lymphocytes in Alzheimer's disease,
  2. an understanding of the correlation of immune signatures with digitally assessed pathophysiological disturbances, such as cognition and sleep.

The proposed work will also establish the foundations for improving pre-existing Artificial Intelligence models of SCAI to predict the risk of dementia on an individual level. More specifically, in this future work we plan to integrate immune signatures and ABM derived features identified in this project into our pre-existing models to further enhance prediction performance.


This is an EU Joint Programme - Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) project. The project is supported through the following funding organisations under the aegis of JPND - Germany, Federal Ministry of Education and Research; Hungary, National Research, Development and Innovation Office; Israel, Ministry of Health; Luxembourg, National Research Fund; Spain, National Institute of Health Carlos III.


« Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund » (INTER/JPND21/15741011/ADIS)

Members of Alzheimer Europe involved in the project

Soraya participates in the Public Involvement work of the project.
Alzheimer Europe Staff - Project Communications Officer - Christophe Bintener
Chris contributes to the communication work of the project.