Conference Committees

Organising Committee

GEORGES Jean, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
GUILLORY Gwladys, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
MOGLAN Maria, Societatea Alzheimer, Romania
TUDOSE Catalina, Societatea Alzheimer, Romania

The following people have been invited to the Programme Committee of the 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference, to evaluate submitted abstracts and to help ensure that the programme will be interesting, with varied and innovative presentations

Programme Committee

BANERJEE Sube, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, United Kingdom
BINTENER Christophe, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
BIRCK Cindy, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
BLOM Marco, Alzheimer Nederlands, Netherlands
BOOR ELLIS Kate, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
BOOTS Lizzie, Maastricht University, Netherlands
BRADSHAW Angela, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
CHATTAT Rabih, Università di Bologna, Italy
CARTER Janet, UCL, United Kingdom
CHIRICO Ilaria, Università di Bologna, Italy
CHRISTIE Hanna, Maastricht University, Netherlands
DECKERS Kay, Maastricht University, Netherlands
DIAZ Ana, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
FRISONI Giovanni, Switzerland
GEOGHEGAN Carmel, EWGPWD Supporter, Ireland
GIEBEL Clarissa, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
GEORGES Jean, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
GOVE Dianne, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
HEISE Bernd, European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD), Germany
HULLAH Nigel, European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD), United Kingdom
JANSEN Sabine, Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft, Germany
KÖHLER Sebastian, Maastricht University, Netherlands
McDERMOTT Orri, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
McLOUGHLIN Pat, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Ireland
MEILAND Franka, Amsterdam University medical centers, Netherlands
MILLER Owen, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg
QUAID Kevin, European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD), Ireland
ROBERTS Chris, European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD), United Kingdom
SCERRI Anthony, University of Malta, Malta
SCERRI Charles, Malta Dementia Society, Malta
SCHNEIDER Justine, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
STEYAERT Jan,  Expertisecentrum Dementie Vlaanderen, Belgium
WESTERLUND Karin, Alzheimer Sverige, Sweden
WOODS Bob, Bangor University, United Kingdom
ZINCKE dos REIS Maria do Rosario, APFADA, Portugal


Alzheimer Europe gratefully acknowledges the support of all conference sponsors.
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