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Opening ceremony & Keynote K1. Alexander Kurz (Germany): Building bridges – Promoting good dementia care through pan-European collaboration

Welcome by
Iva Holmerová, Chairperson, Alzheimer Europe
Chris Roberts, Chairperson, European Working Group of People with Dementia
Diana-Loreta Păun, Presidential Advisor Romania
Marjolein de Vugt, Chairperson, INTERDEM
Cătălina Tudose, Chairperson, Societatea Română Alzheimer

Use the chapters to navigate through the videos.

Plenary session PL2. Moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

  • PL2-00 Presentation by Alzheimer Europe anti-stigma award finalist: Alessia Rossetti (Federazione Alzheimer Italia, Italy): Non ti scordare di volermi bene
  • PL2-01 Bernd Heise (Germany): Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic as a person with dementia
  • PL2-03 Clarissa Giebel (United Kingdom): Who cares for the carers? The long-term impacts of the pandemic on dementia carers
  • PL2-04 Brigitte Juraszovich (Austria): Implementing the Austrian dementia strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Plenary session PL3. Brain health and prevention

  • PL3-00 Presentation by Alzheimer Europe anti-stigma award finalist: Niels Janssen (Alzheimer Centrum Limburg, Netherlands): Adoptieproject: Jong adopteert Oud
  • PL3-02 Jan Steyaert (Belgium): Increasing awareness of dementia prevention through public campaigns
  • PL3-03 Edo Richard (Netherlands): Primary prevention of dementia - what is the way forward?
  • PL3-04 Wiesje van der Flier (Netherlands): From assessing risk to communicating risk

Plenary session PL4. Plenary session: Building bridges across Europe through cross-border initiatives and research

  • PL4-00 Presentation by Alzheimer Europe anti-stigma award finalist: Ellie Jerman (Alzheimer’s Society, United Kingdom): Changing perceptions of dementia in the Punjabi community
  • PL4-01 Cătălina Tudose (Romania): Progress of Dementia Care System in Romania as a Consequence of European Integration and Support
  • PL4-02 Irina Shevchenko (Ukraine): Dementia at times of war: Supporting people with dementia, carers and researchers from Ukraine
  • PL4-03 Adrianna Senczyszyn (Poland): Between frozen dementia care in Ukraine and building bridges in Europe: the experience of Poland?
  • PL4-04 Cassie Redlich (WHO-Europe): Opportunities for improving dementia care and support through the Pan-European Mental Health Coalition

Plenary session PL5. Round table discussion: Reprioritising dementia as a care, policy and research priority

With the participation of:

  • Katrin Seeher (World Health Organization)
  • Gunhild Waldemar (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Charles Scerri (Alzheimer Europe, Malta)
  • Cătălina Tudose (Societatea Română Alzheimer, Romania)
  • Myrra Vernooij-Dassen (INTERDEM, Netherlands)

Followed by the closing ceremony:

  • Announcement of anti-stigma award
  • Awards for best posters
  • Closing comments by Cătălina Tudose, Chairperson, Societatea Română Alzheimer and Chairperson-elect, Alzheimer Europe
  • Welcome to 33rd Alzheimer Europe Conference in Helsinki.

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