Videos 31AEC

Here we provide the videos of the presentations that were held at the 31st Alzheimer Europe Conference.

Opening ceremony

Welcome and introductory comments by

  • Iva Holmerová, Chairperson, Alzheimer Europe
  • Chris Roberts, Chairperson, European Working Group of People with Dementia
  • Marjolein de Vugt, Chairperson, INTERDEM
  • Hans Kluge, WHO


Keynote K1. Inspirational intro: Kevin Quaid (Ireland): Resilience in dementia – adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic as a dementia advocate


Plenary session PL2. Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

  • PL2.1. Jim Pearson (Scotland, UK): Reinventing counselling and home support during the pandemic
  • PL2.2. Pat McLoughlin (Ireland): Protecting people with dementia in residential care – what we did right and what we got wrong!
  • PL2.3. Miia Kivipelto (Sweden): Multimodal prevention studies and lifestyle changes during the COVID-19 pandemic


Plenary session PL3. Innovations in dementia diagnosis and care through new technologies

  • PL3.1. Martin Traber (Switzerland): The importance of flexible care settings and home care management in clinical trials within a rapidly changing COVID-19 environment
  • PL3.2. Adrian Wagg (Canada): Improving continence care of nursing home residents thanks to new technologies
  • PL3.3. Petra Ritter (Germany): Augmenting diagnosis, inferring mechanisms, and predicting intervention outcomes in neurodegenerative disease through personalized Virtual Brain Cloud simulations

With the participation of:

  • Stella Kyriakides – European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety


Keynote K2. Patrick Ettenes (United Kingdom): Inclusive dementia care: the needs of the LGTBQ community


Plenary session PL4. Dementia as a public health challenge

  • PL4.1. Hana Brouliková (Czech Republic): Czech National Action Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Illnesses 2020 – 2030: First Implementation Steps and Lessons Learned during the Pandemic
  • PL4.2. Maria Teresa Ferretti (Italy): Are we getting better at taking sex and gender differences in Alzheimer’s care into account?
  • PL4.3. Gill Livingston (United Kingdom): Preventable causes of dementia and their public health implications


Yoga class


Round table discussion: Beyond the pandemic: Reinventing dementia care and treatment

With introductory presentations by:

  • Craig Ritchie (United Kingdom): From dementia prevention to brain health
  • Lutz Frölich (Gemany): Are we ready to change the diagnosis and treatment paradigm?
  • Marjolein de Vugt (Netherlands): Improving the support and care of people at the dementia stage


Closing ceremony

  • Interaction with participants
  • Wrap up of the conference
  • Concluding comments by Iva Holmerová, Chairperson
  • Invitation to 32nd Alzheimer Europe Conference in Bucharest
  • Singing from Forget Me Nots Choir (Ireland)


Parallel sessions and symposia


Quick oral presentations


Poster presentations

Poster presentations can be viewed on our Flickr account
POS1. Resilience and COVID-19- Click Here to view
POS2. Care and support - Click Here to view
POS3. Policy and societal aspects - Click Here to view

The 31st Alzheimer Europe Conference received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020). Alzheimer Europe gratefully acknowledges the support of all conference sponsors.