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Annex 2 - Acknowledgements

2001: Advance directives

Alzheimer Europe and the working group would like to express their gratitude to the following people (in alphabetic order) who kindly gave their expert opinions about the draft version of this position paper. Their comments were taken into account and discussed by the Board of Alzheimer Europe and the working group. For this reason, the final version of the position paper does not necessarily reflect the exact views of each person.

Consultation with expert advisors:

  • Prof. Hervé ALLAIN, France
  • Dr Carmello AQUILLINA, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Sube BANERJEE, United Kingdom
  • Dr Antony BAYER, United Kingdom
  • Dr Kees BLANKMAN, Netherlands
  • Prof. Alistair BURNS, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Murat EMRE, Turkey
  • Prof. Catherine GOURBIN, Belgium
  • Prof. Antonio GUAITA, Italy
  • Dr Julian HUGHES, United Kingdom
  • Mr Jim JACKSON, United Kingdom
  • Ms Ulrike KNEBEL, Germany
  • Dr Ugo LUCCA, Italy
  • Prof. Dietmar MIETH, Germany
  • Prof. Dr Marcel OLDE RIKKERT, Netherlands
  • Prof. Philippe ROBERT, France
  • Ms Alicja SADOWSKA, Poland
  • Prof. Philip SCHELTENS, Netherlands
  • Ms Bärbel SCHÖNHOF, Germany
  • Prof. Sigurd SPARR, Norway
  • Mr Marc WORTMAN, Netherlands
  • Prof. Guillaume WUNSCH, Belgium

Consultation with people with dementia:

  • “Joseph Maria” and “Monserrat” (Spain)
  • Scottish Dementia Working Group



Last Updated: Thursday 06 August 2009