Alzheimer Europe collaboration with other organisations


Alzheimer Europe welcomes the possibility of collaborating with other organisations and the following principles provide the policy of the organisation for such collaborations. This policy is for the collaboration with other non-profit organisations only. For collaboration with commercial organisations, Alzheimer Europe has developed a separate policy.


Alzheimer Europe welcomes the creation of the European Patients’ Forum and its clear criteria for members and would expect other organisations to adopt similar criteria. In the absence of such criteria, Alzheimer Europe will be unable to enter into a membership agreement. These criteria are as follows:

  • Legitimacy: Member organisations should have statutes registered in one of the member states of the European Union. If the applicant organisation is not registered in an EU Member State, additional information needs to be provided demonstrating EU focus and activities.
  • As regards representation: Member organisations should have members of their own in more than half of the member states of the European Union.
  • Democracy: Member organisations should have governing bodies which are elected by their members, who shall be patients, their carers, or their elected representatives.
  • Accountability and Consultation: Statements and opinions of member organisations should reflect the views and opinions of their memberships and consultation procedures with those memberships should be put in place.
  • Transparency: Member organisations should disclose their sources of funding and generally make available their audited financial accounts.

When becoming a member of another organisation, Alzheimer Europe will ensure that this organisation has a clear membership policy which ensures that members:

  • Are required to pay a membership fee, even if nominal,
  • Are able to participate and be elected in the elections to the governing bodies of the organisation,
  • Are fully informed about the activities of the organisation,
  • Are adequately involved in any position or major decision taken by the organisation.

Furthermore, Alzheimer Europe will only join organisations:

  • which have defined clear objectives not in conflict or contradiction with those of Alzheimer Europe,
  • which have other members from the non-profit sector and
  • which have clear rules on transparency of sponsorship agreements.

Endorsement of policy statements

When collaborating with other organisation on an ad hoc basis, Alzheimer Europe may be asked to endorse policy statements developed by other organisations. Alzheimer Europe may only do so, if other organisations endorsing the document meet the criteria developed by the European Patients’ Forum and are from the non-profit sector.

Other ad hoc collaboration

Apart from the two previous forms of collaboration, Alzheimer Europe may also collaborate with other organisations on an ad hoc basis. All such collaboration will need to meet the transparency criteria set out by Alzheimer Europe with regard to financial funding.