Videos 30AEC

Here we provide the videos of the presentations that were held at the 30th Alzheimer Europe Conference.

Opening ceremony

Welcome and introductory comments by

  • Iva Holmerová, Chairperson, Alzheimer Europe
  • Helen Rochford-Brennan, Chairperson, European Working Group of People with Dementia
  • Myrra Vernooij-Dassen, Chairperson, INTERDEM


    Plenary session PL1. Round-table discussion: Dementia in a changing world

    With the participation of

    • Helen Rochford-Brennan (Ireland)
    • Mario Possenti (Italy)
    • Adelina Comas-Herrera (United Kingdom)
    • Lennert Steukers (Belgium)


      Plenary session PL2: Diagnosis and medical management

      • PL2.1. Pierre Krolak-Salmon (France): Improving the diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders: implementing the recommendations of the 2nd European Joint Action on Dementia
      • PL2.2. Edo Richard (Netherlands): Ethical issues linked to the disclosure of diagnosis
      • PL2.4. Gunhild Waldemar (Denmark): Medical management issues in dementia. The new recommendations of the European Academy of Neurology


        Plenary session PL3: Building dementia-inclusive societies

        • PL3.1. Dianne Gove (Alzheimer Europe): Public involvement in dementia research: developing an approach with the European Working Group of People with Dementia?
        • PL3.2. Sabine Jansen (Germany): Promoting dementia-inclusive hospitals – the experience of the German Alzheimer’s association
        • PL3.3. Jacqueline Hoogendam (Netherlands): Making Dutch society more dementia-friendly: the learnings from the Dutch Dementia Strategy
        • PL3.4. John Keady (United Kingdom): The Neighbourhoods and Dementia Study: reflections and directions


        Plenary session PL4: From research and innovation to clinical and care practice

        • PL4.1. Carol Brayne (United Kingdom): Latest trends in the prevalence of dementia – are prevention messages having an effect?
        • PL4.2. Alexander Kurz (Germany): INDEED, an interprofessional intervention in dementia education for South-Eastern European countries
        • PL4.3. Dympna Casey (Ireland): Assistive Technologies- the role of social robotics in dementia
        • PL4.4. Carlos Diaz (Spain): The neurodegeneration portfolio of the Innovative Medicines Initiative – from project results to sustainable assets


        Plenary session PL5. Round table discussion: “Maintaining dementia as a European priority”

        With the participation of

        • Maria Carrillo (Alzheimer’s Association, USA)
        • Dan Chisholm (World Health Organization – European Region)
        • Nils Dahl (Ministry of Health, Germany)
        • Charles Scerri (Malta Dementia Society)
        • Nicoline Tamsma (European Commission)


        Closing ceremony

        Closing comments and farewell by:

        • Iva Holmerova, Chairperson, Alzheimer Europe
        • Welcome to the 31st Alzheimer Europe Conference “Building bridges” in Bucharest, Romania


        Parallel sessions and symposia


        Quick oral presentations


        Poster presentations

        Poster presentations can be viewed on our Flickr account

        PO1. Care approaches - Click Here to view

        PO2. Care services - Click Here to view

        PO3. Medical and public health aspects - Click Here to view

        PO4. People - Click Here to view

        PO5. Policy - Click Here to view

        The 30th Alzheimer Europe Conference received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020). Alzheimer Europe gratefully acknowledges the support of all conference sponsors.