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Angela Pototschnigg



My name is Angela Pototschnigg. I live in Vienna and have been living with cognitive impairments for 6 years. 

The path to a valid diagnosis took a long time, at first burnout was diagnosed, but this turned out to be wrong. I am an ambassador for inclusion and the rights of people with dementia. As of January 2019, I hold peer-talks twice a month for those with memory problems, organised and supported by Alzheimer Austria. The goal is to reach others who are worried about their memory or have received a diagnosis of dementia and want to exchange views.

For the past 2 years, I have been invited to speak in committees about the concerns, needs and wishes of people with dementia, such as in the Austrian Dementia Strategy and the upcoming care reform.  I give talks in dementia-friendly communities, to family carers and professional caregivers and I engage in projects that focus on participation of and information about people living with dementia.

These activities are very important to me, since it gives my life meaning.

In 2018, I was nominated by Alzheimer Austria for the European Working Group, and then again in 2020.