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Shelagh Robinson


United Kingdom

I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s eight years ago, and was fortunate to get a quick and early diagnosis because I had a GP who really listened. I’ve been a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Society since they sought me out following a Facebook post, and have discovered a talent for public speaking that is well used.

Like all those living with dementia, I am aware that I have a limited time to be active and want to do all I can to improve life for those who live with this devastating disease.

I am passionate about good support at the time of diagnosis, and good end of life care – and of the course all the rest of the journey too.

I’ve discovered it is possible to live a full rich life with dementia, rolling with the bad days and grateful for the wonderful support that the Alzheimer’s Society offers.

Shelagh Robinson was nominated by Alzheimer's Society, to join the European Working Group of People with Dementia in October 2022.