Singer-songwriter Ben Walker speaks to what matters most in our closest relationships, in his song "I Won't Forget", written for his mother who has Alzheimer's disease


Ben Walker is a singer-songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Last February, his mother, who lives in the United Kingdom, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. After many months of working through this news and understanding what the diagnosis really meant, he turned to fellow musicians Allan Caswell, Beth Lucas and Stephen Dobson and co-wrote a song called "I Won't Forget". The lyrics explore what matters most in our closest relationships. The song was released recently and has enjoyed considerable success, going to Number One on the Australian Country Radio chart as well as reaching the Top Ten on Australian Community radio.

It has also been featured on the Australian Alzheimer Research Association's website:

There is a music video available online:

And the song is available on Soundcloud: