Professor Michael Hornberger publishes new book looking at science and history of Alzheimer’s disease


Michael Hornberger, Professor of Applied Dementia Research at the Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, has published a new book called "Tangled Up – The science and history of Alzheimer’s disease". The book aims to provide readers with a detailed insight into the science of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), what actually causes it, and how the science explains the symptoms and risk of AD. "Tangled Up" is specifically written about AD and not dementia in general. The reason Professor Hornberger gives for focusing the book only on AD is that it would be an almost impossible task to write a book explaining the science of all types of dementia, since there are many and they each have different causes. Instead, the author chose to be more specific and to provide in-depth insights into the science of this particular type of dementia, allowing for a better understanding of the underlying causes but also the risks of developing AD dementia. You can find out more about the book in the author's own words, and where to purchase it, via his website "Dementia Science": Tangled Up – The science and history of Alzheimer’s disease (