Play "Es & Flo" celebrates the love of an older lesbian relationship and gives some insight into difficulties faced by same-sex couples when one needs to access dementia care


Jennifer Lunn’s award-winning play, directed by Susie McKenna, celebrates the love of an older lesbian relationship, while giving the audience an insight into some of the difficulties faced by same-sex couples seeking care, when one of them is diagnosed with dementia. Plot: Es and Flo fell fiercely in love in the 80s. They’ve been secretly living as lovers ever since. But as Es becomes more forgetful due to the onset of dementia, an unexpected carer arrives. When the outside world comes crashing in, Flo must battle to hold onto the woman she loves and protect the life they’ve built together. The play is coloured with memories of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp – where Es and Flo first met as activists. It champions women coming together to fight for what’s right and the healing power of chosen family. It will be on at the Kiln Theatre in London, from 5 to 24 June 2023: