The PARADIGM project organises a consultation with people with dementia


PARADIGM is a European IMI-funded project, which started in March 2018 and which seeks to improve patient engagement in the medicines lifecycle

Alzheimer Europe is part of this project and its role is to ensure that the voices of people affected by dementia are taken into account in the project.

During the meeting of the EWGPWD in June in Brussels, members of the group and their supporters were informed about the project and provided valuable input. Representatives from industry (Sharareh Hosseinzadeh), academia (Suzanne Ii) and HTAs bodies (Neil Bertelsen), together with AE representatives, contributed towards this consultation.

Participants discussed how to reach out to people with dementia who could be involved in patient engagement, how to address their needs and which outcomes would be important to them when participating at three points of the medicine development lifecycle (i.e. research priority setting, design of clinical trials and early dialogues with HTA bodies).

This work is part of the first stage of the project which will help to understand the needs, expectations and aspirations of the different stakeholders involved in patient engagement. The results of the consultation with the EWGPWD will provide meaningful insight into the experiences and perspective of people with dementia in the context of these three areas. Ana, Dianne and Sebastien took part in this consultation.