New animated video shares research into the state of service provision in Belgium for older people with a migration background and dementia


In Belgium, the number of older people with a migration background who develop dementia is growing. At the same time, the care services available in Belgium for this group have remained unchanged for twenty years, meaning that they no longer suit the target population today, and certainly not for the future. A new animated video, published online on 7 September 2022, highlights why it is important to adapt dementia care services. The video was created by researchers Saloua Berdai-Chaouni and Ann Claeys and is based on findings from six years of their research involving older migrants with dementia from Italian, Moroccan, and Turkish backgrounds, as well as family carers and professional carers in Belgium. The easy-to-understand, bite-size video ends with a link to further information about their research, the major findings of which are collected in their book “Dementia among older migrants” (available in Dutch and French).

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More information about the research, the video and the publication can be found on the Omed Instagram and Facebook account @ouderenmigratiedementie