Krembil Brain Institute launches new podcast with first episode asking " What's it going to take to cure Alzheimer's?"


The Krembil Brain Institute (KBI) in Canada is pleased to announce that its new KBI podcast, "Your Complex Brain", has officially launched. The podcast aims to cover the mysteries, myths and cutting-edge science around the brain and brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, stroke, concussion, epilepsy, mental health and brain cancer. Researchers and clinicians, as well as patients and members of their health care teams will be featured. The first episode “What is it going to take to cure Alzheimer’s?” features KBI neurologist and medicinal chemist Dr Donald Weaver, and the daughter of one of Dr Weaver’s patients, whose mother is currently living with Alzheimer’s dementia. Here is a link to the Your Complex Brain podcast: