Irish Dementia Working Group member Frank Golden achieves lifelong dream of publishing a book


As a member of the Irish Dementia Working Group, Frank Golden has participated in numerous engagements and projects. Frank, who is 83 years old, recently achieved his lifelong goal of publishing a book. This is an achievement for anyone, but for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease, it is truly remarkable. Advocacy, Engagement and Participation Officer with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland Saoirse Kelly caught up with Frank Golden about his book "The Irish Job", which is set in 1920s Dublin. Here is what he said: The crucial role of Intelligence in the Irish War of Independence, 1919 - 1921 is rarely highlighted. As my father worked very closely with Michael Collins, I grew up with stories about Collins’ crucial, but necessarily unknown, intelligence role in the fight for Ireland's independence.

The first draft consisted of 120,000 words! Way too many! And the research took several years - it was most important that I was accurate. All of the groundwork had been completed and I was on about my fourth draft when I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. From my point of view, research was vital. This is not necessarily the case with fiction. But I would advise others writing a book to edit, edit, edit before having an independent person read your (nearly) final draft! I have already begun "Book Two". In fact, that was planned to be the first. But some way through, I realised that a "prequel", The Irish Job, was needed.

Pictured: Frank Golden, member of Irish Dementia Working Group, with his book The Irish Job