ERASMUS+ EU project Embracing Dementia (EDEN) has developed two main deliverables


The Embracing Dementia (EDEN) Project, which is an EU project supported by the ERASMUS+ programme, has developed two main deliverables: the EDEN platform and the Community Collaboration Concept. The EDEN platform is a collection of materials that support relatives to cope with the great challenge and work they carry out when they take care of their loved ones that live with dementia. The material is divided into 4 categories, which showed to be the most relevant for the relatives, namely:

• to be able to cope with the future

• to feel supported and collaborate with others

• to be socially included

• to understand and cope with dementia.

The Community Collaboration Concept is a process model that supports local communities to become dementia-friendly and dementia-inclusive. The model is a co-creation model, building on design principles. By applying the Community Collaboration Concept, local communities will be able to:

• co-design and co-create, together with all relevant community stakeholders, the best possible local solutions to embrace dementia

• offer the best care of people living with dementia

• recognise and appreciate the relatives and volunteers, who are a very important factor in the development of sustainable solutions.

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