Deaf Dementia Research Project comes to a close and publishes its findings


The Deaf Dementia Research Project - funded by the Life Changes Trust and led by BDA Scotland in partnership with SORD (Social Research with Deaf people), University of Manchester - began in February 2021 and ended in March 2022. At its close, the project published its findings in a report in three formats, launched at an online meeting at the end of March. The research summarised in the report, "Deaf people with dementia and care homes in Scotland" was trying to find out how to improve care homes for Deaf people with dementia from the point of view of Deaf people and from the point of view of care home providers. All data were collected by Deaf researchers in BSL (British Sign Language) through interviews and focus groups.

BSL/English interpreters were available for hearing people working at care homes. The study was carried out remotely, via teleconferencing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions. The report exists in three formats, inlcuding a full report, an executive summary and a video executive summary in BSL. These reports can be found on the BDA (British Deaf Association) website: