Working methods

Expert Advisory Panel

Criteria for membership

The Board of Alzheimer Europe shall ensure that the Panel will be composed of a number of advisors which reflects a multidisciplinary and multi-national approach.
After consultation of the member organisations of Alzheimer Europe, the Board will appoint scientific advisors, who shall:

  • Be used to working in a European environment
  • Have experience of working with patients’ and carers’ organisations
  • Be well established in their respective professional organisations
  • Be leaders in their field and recognised as such by their peers.

Nomination and mandate

Members of the Expert Advisory Panel will be appointed by the Alzheimer Europe Board for a three year period and their mandate may be renewed.

Duties of members of the Expert Advisory Panel

Members of the Expert Advisory Panel will be asked to fill in a questionnaire highlighting their specific areas of expertise to enable the Alzheimer Europe secretariat to contact them on specific issues. The areas of expertise include, but shall not be limited to:

  • care and carer support
  • diagnosis
  • ethics
  • epidemiology
  • genetics
  • health economics
  • perceptions and stigma
  • prevention and risk reduction
  • psycho-social interventions
  • treatment and medical management

The duties of members of the Expert Advisory Panel are:

  • On request, to provide a commentary on breaking scientific developments in their area of expertise.
  • On request, to offer advice to assist Alzheimer Europe in its responses to requests from the European institutions for position statements on relevant topics, and in its preparation of its own position statements,
  • On request, to offer advice on any relevant aspect of Alzheimer Europe’s work programme – this could include identification of relevant experts, guidance on literature searches, guidance during the preparation of publications and help with dissemination of information among the scientific community,
  • To assist Alzheimer Europe in identifying, and if possible developing closer relationships with, European organisations or groups relevant to its work, and in identifying any significant links between those organisations and the European institutions,
  • To assist Alzheimer Europe in identifying research programmes and calls for projects where the involvement of Alzheimer Europe could be of interest to research consortia,
  • To involve, when possible, Alzheimer Europe in project applications for research projects where Alzheimer Europe could provide the point of view of people with dementia and carers, participate in ethical discussions and/or support the dissemination efforts of the research project to a lay audience (carers, people with dementia, Alzheimer associations and the general public),
  • To inform Alzheimer Europe of any relevant research in their particular field which raises important issues for Alzheimer Europe or its members,
  • To assist in identifying participants and giving other relevant guidance for Alzheimer Europe’s Annual Conference or other Alzheimer Europe events. In particular, the advisors shall support the Programme Committee for Alzheimer Europe Conferences, suggest topics for the submission of abstracts and rate submitted abstracts in their area of expertise.

Members of the Expert Advisory Panel will also be asked to fill in a declaration of interests.


Alzheimer Europe will publish a list of all members of the Expert Advisory Panel on the Alzheimer Europe Internet and in its Annual Report.
The input of members of the Expert Advisory Panel will be acknowledged in the documents to which they contributed.
Members of the Expert Advisory Panel who contributed actively to the work of the Programme Committee of Alzheimer Europe conferences, will have their contributions acknowledged and their names included in conference material and the section of the Alzheimer Europe website dedicated to its Annual Conference.
Advisors may present themselves as "Members of the Expert Advisory Panel of Alzheimer Europe".

Working methods

All information requests and requests for advice will be forwarded by the Alzheimer Europe secretariat to the members of the panel and will collect all answers provided and ensure that the information or advice is adequately circulated.
As for other Alzheimer Europe Committees and working groups, communication shall be done by e-mail.
Members of the Expert Advisory Panel are encouraged to attend Alzheimer Europe conferences. In case they would like to have a meeting of the Expert Advisory Panel in the framework of an Alzheimer Europe conference, a meeting room will be provided free of charge. The Chairperson and Executive Director of Alzheimer Europe shall be invited to any such meeting and the agenda of the meeting will be coordinated with them. The Chairperson of Alzheimer Europe may decide to invite other members of the Board, the member organisations or staff of Alzheimer Europe.