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Total Funding
€ 1 021 200
Funding Programme
European Countries Involved
Under PhytoAPP project it is expected to build new and enhance existing network of international and inter-sectoral cooperation in the form of joint research and innovation activities between the project Partners with multidisciplinary skills and complementary competences in nanomaterials, physics, engineering, green chemistry, biochemistry and medical science. It will significantly strengthen the interaction between academic and non-academic sectors within MS/AC Countries Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Ukraine and Third Country the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia in the field of the innovative phytoproducts application for the health and well-being. The main objectives of the PHYTOAPP project are design, development and delivery of the innovative water-soluble Phytochemical Inhibitors for Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases prevention. To achieve this goal the PHYTOAPP project will explore the innovative nanotechnological solutions to overcome phytochemicals limitation faced by their low water-solubility via fullerene-enhanced innovative synthesis of water-soluble green Phytocomplexes, by means of cooperation between Researchers and SMEs Partners from EU and Partner’s Countries. On the other hand, the involved parties are eager to promote innovation in this area in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community which seek to strengthen the scientific and technological basis of Community industry and encourage it to “become more competitive at the international level”
Project partners
Nanotechcenter Llc
Cofac Cooperativa De Formacao E Animacao Cultural Crl
Neuroplast Bv
Syddansk Universitet
Belarusian State University
Republican State Enterprise With The Right Of Economic Authority Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University Ofthe Ministry Of Education An Scien
Smorodintsev Research Institute Of Influenza Of The Ministry Of Health Of The Russian Federation
Nova Id Fct - Associacao Para A Inovacao E Desenvolvimento Da Fct
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