Framework Programme for Research 6 (FP6)

The 6th EU Research Framework Programme was the EU's main instrument for research funding in Europe and ran between 2002 and 2006.

The was intended to help create a a "European Research Area" (ERA), an internal market for science and technology, which would fosters scientific excellence, competitiveness and innovation through the promotion of better co-operation and co-ordination between relevant actors at all levels. Its objectives were:

  • Concentrating European efforts on fewer priorities - in particular on areas where co-operation at European level presents clear added value
  • Moving towards progressive integration of activities of all relevant participants working at different levels
  • Promoting research activities designed to have a lasting, "structuring" impact
  • Supporting activities that will strengthen Europe's general scientific and technological basis
  • Using the scientific potential of candidate countries to prepare and assist their accession to the EU for the benefit of European science at large.

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