First Joint Action on Dementia - ALzheimer's COoperative Valuation in Europe (ALCOVE)

Launched in April 2011 and running until 2013, yhe ALzheimer's COoperative Valuation in Europe (ALCOVE) was a Joint Action co-financed by the European Commission and comprised of 30 partners from 19 EU Member States. Its remit focused on four key questions:

  1. How to improve data for better knowledge about dementia prevalence
  2. How to improve access to dementia diagnosis as early as possible
  3. How to improve care for people living with dementia and particularly those with behavioural disorders
  4. How to improve the rights of people with dementia, particularly in respect to advance declarations of will.

The project also sought to identify the best practices and strategies for the reduction of the use of antipsychotic medications for people with dementia.

The Joint Action built on work conducted during previous European studies, such as EuroCoDe, as well as through other networks including, Joint Programming on Neurodegenerative Diseases (JNPD), European Alzheimer Disease Consortium (EADC), European Dementia Consensus Network (Edcon), Early detection and timely Intervention in DEMentia (Interdem), and Alzheimer Europe.

More information on the ALCOVE project can be found at:

The final synthesis report of the Join Action can be downloaded below.