First EU Health Programme

The first EU Health Programme ran between 2003 and 2007, and was the key instrument underpinning Community's (Commission's) overarching health strategy.

The general objectives of the First Health Programme were:

  1. To improve information and knowledge for the development of public health
  2. To enhance the capability of responding rapidly and in a coordinated fashion to health threats
  3. To promote health and prevent disease through addressing health determinants across all policies and activities.

As such, the Programme also contributed to the following broader objectives programme:

  1. Ensuring a high level of human health protection in the definition and implementation of all Community policies and activities, through the promotion of an integrated and intersectoral health strategy
  2. Tackling inequalities in health
  3. Encouraging cooperation between Member States in the areas covered by Article 152 of the Treaty.

Funding available for the Programme across 2003-2008 was EUR 312 million.