European Parliament - Resolution on the European Alzheimer's Initiative

On 19 January 2011, the European Parliament passed a resolution (2010/2084(INI)) through the own-initiative procedure, calling for strong action through the Commission's proposed European Alzheimer's Initiative. The rapporteur for the initiative was Marisa Matias, MEP (Portugal), whose report had been approved by the Environment,Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI) in December 2010.

The report called for improved coordination between the Member States and a more effective and solidarity-based response geared to prevention and the treatment of people living with dementias, particularly Alzheimer's, as well as the people around them, including healthcare professionals, service providers and relatives. Furthermore, it noted that for any European strategy to be effective, it was crucial for countries to prioritise the development of national dementia strategies, as well as for the public awareness of the condition to be improved.

The resolution identifies the importance of integrated action ranging from research to healthcare provision, as well as the need to address gaps in professional training, support for families (both for care and psychological support). The resolution called for the development of a European strategy which would safeguard the existence of services that guarantee maximum possible coverage and equal conditions, particularly in relation to access and treatment for patients, regardless of their age, gender, financial resources or place of residence.

Finally, the report called for the involvement of the various groups of people concerned, from medical organisations to patients' associations, as their contribution will play a vital part in bringing together the various measures taken and ensuring their effectiveness.

The ENVI report and the resolution can be downloaded below.