EU Joint Programming on Neurodenegenerative Diseases

Joint Programming addresses EU countries willing to engage in the development of a common Strategic Research Agenda. The first-ever Joint Programming Initiative focuses on Neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease and was launched in July 2009.

The EU Joint Programme for Neurological Disease Research (more commonly known as JPND) launched its first calls for research in 2010, aiming to address the challenge of neurodegenerative diseases through a common research strategy and the alignment of national programmes. As of 2021, JPND has 30 members countries participating (including non-EU countries such as Canada).

The JPND aims to contribute in three main areas:

  • Improve the scientific understanding of the disease.
  • Improve the medical tools available to doctors to identify and treat the disease.
  • Improve the social care and structures available to assist patients, their families, and health service providers so that patients can receive optimum care at all stages of their illness.

More information on the projects and activities of JPND can be found at:

The original Commission Communication on the Joint Programming Initiative for neurodegenerative research can be downloaded below.