Share your views on the EU Disability Card before 21 December


The European Commission launched a call for evidence on the EU Disability Card with a deadline of 21 December 2022. This initiative aims to gather the views of organisations and citizens to define the proposal on the EU Disability Card.
Our colleagues at the European Disability Forum published a position paper on this topic, including mentions of "invisible disabilities" (such as dementia). It notes that "having the card will help persons with invisible disabilities to request assistance when travelling across the EU". Other areas that could be included are for
example commercial benefits, education, or employment, highlights the EDF paper. It also states that the card could "give certain persons with (invisible) disabilities a tool to facilitate access to advantages and services without having to "explain their disabilities".
The same EDF paper outlines some essential considerations to make the card a success:
•    The EU should set up dedicated funding to set up the card, the website and to guarantee continuing operational needs (printing, staff, administration).
•    A wide, accessible awareness-raising campaign in all EU countries, about the card. The campaign must reach users (so they can get the card), service providers (so they can know about it and accept it), and the general public.
•    Close collaboration with persons with disabilities, and especially their representative organisations  – at all levels and in all their diversity.