Researchers publish expert perspectives on health economic modelling for Alzheimer’s disease


On 26 October, partners of the ROADMAP project published opinions on how future economic models for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) might be structured, validated, and reported in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia. The team of health economists and governmental agency representatives systematically reviewed the literature on economic models for AD and used the findings to elaborate questions for discussion with experts in the field. Viewpoints were gathered through different means, including telephone, face-to-face group discussions with representatives from Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies, patient charity organizations, and patient and caregiver representatives as well as a face-to-face group discussion meeting with international experts that have not been involved in the ROADMAP project. The researchers stressed that due to the recent advances in the development of disease-modifying treatments, there will be a need for models which cover the full disease spectrum (including the pre-dementia stage) will be necessary in order to enable health economists to assess the value of these drugs. They further emphasized, that there is therefore a need for large and representative real-world data sets are needed to inform and validate models. The paper concludes with an overview of future challenges for AD-specific health economic modeling. The research article can be accessed here: