The Pattern-Cog project launches its website


The Pattern-Cog consortium is proud to announce the official launch of its website Funded by ERA PerMed, Pattern-Cog stands for “Personalised ageing pattern for early risk detection and prevention of cognitive impairment and dementia in cognitively healthy individuals” and aims to improve dementia prevention strategies by developing and validating an Artificial Intelligence-based framework that can detect the earliest signs of impending cognitive decline. Findings from multidomain lifestyle trials have emphasised the importance of accurately identifying at-risk individuals who are most likely to benefit from interventions such as improved diet, structured exercise programmes and cognitive training. Pattern-Cog, which is funded for a period of three years, will develop methods for predicting future cognitive decline based on clinical data, identifying older adults who might be at higher risk for mild cognitive impairment and dementia. This methodology will be tested in ongoing dementia prevention trials.

This project was supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (INTER/PerMed21/15748787/Pattern-Cog), under the frame of ERA PerMed.