Paper on “Precision medicine in neurodegeneration” published by IHI-PROMINENT project


On 2 August, a new paper was published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, discussing the recently-launched IHI-PROMINENT project. Alzheimer Europe is a partner in the project, leading on communications, stakeholder engagement and public involvement activities and Executive Director Jean Georges is a co-author of this paper. The published paper centers on the fact that neurodegenerative diseases drive elderly morbidity and mortality. In Europe, 14 million people are estimated to be living with dementia, costing an approximated 400 billion EUR annually. Recent diagnostic and pharmaceutical strides in Alzheimer's disease (AD) hint at precision medicine's rise and potential usefulness. However, strained healthcare systems need innovative digital solutions for personalized care via clinical pathways. Public-private partnerships shine here. The IHI-PROMINENT project, an Innovative Health Initiative funded endeavour unites researchers, medical centres, patients as well as patient organisation Alzheimer Europe, and technology for precision care. It builds on collaborative digital tools, targeting early AD detection, diagnosis, and monitoring. From diagnosis to treatment, the project aims at better cost-effective care and improved outcomes. You can read the paper here: