NGO Futura Montenegro's day care centre is holding a series of workshops for people with dementia


The NGO Futura Montenegro day care centre is a citizen support service to provide people with dementia and their families with day care and counselling, as well as support and assistance for the person with dementia in daily activities during their stay at the centre.
The project is being implemented by the Public Institution Center for Social Work for the municipalities of Nikšić, Plužine and Šavnik in partnership with NGO Futura from Podgorica, which has been dealing with dementia for years and developing counselling centres for dementia and Alzheimer's. The project is funded by the European Union through the IPA II program - the Program of the European Union and Montenegro for employment, education and social protection 2015-2017.
The goal of this project is defined as raising awareness at the local community level about the need to develop non-institutional social protection for people with dementia and their families through daily services in the community.
The project started on 1 March 2020 and lasts for 27 months, the service itself will be provided for 12 months as a pilot project, keeping in mind that there is currently no centre for people with dementia in Montenegro.
The capacity of the day centre is 15 people with dementia cared for by professional staff (psychologist, nurse and caregiver) who have passed the accredited "Training program for early detection, recognition of the first symptoms of dementia, prevention and education for proper treatment and care of the elderly and people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease” and received certificates.
NGO Futura, as a partner in the project, provides counselling services for centre users and members of their families as well as for all interested citizens who do not use the services of the centre but need to consult with experts.
People with dementia are to be given "mental exercises" that can help slow down memory loss. These exercises include a whole range of activities aimed at encouraging general thinking and memory. NGO Futura did some of these exercises in workshops with centre users. So far, 6 workshops out of a planned 25 have taken place.