ISTAART launches global survey inviting early career dementia researchers to complete a survey exploring the challenges they face


Early career researchers face many challenges – from difficulties finding, funding, publishing and career progression to problems with research culture and individual forms of prejudice. University College London and the Alzheimer’s Association International Society to Advance Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment (ISTAART) Professional Interest Area to Elevate Early Career Researchers (PEERS) is working to better understand the challenges and what helps.

To inform the work, they are undertaking a survey aimed at early career dementia researchers, or those who have previously been an early career dementia researcher but have left the field. The survey asks questions about you and your research, how you are supported in your field, for your perceptions on how opportunities and support could be improved, and about the research culture that you work within (Please note, this does include some sensitive questions relating to gender / ethnicity, and asks some questions which may be upsetting e.g. Your experiences of certain types of bullying or prejudice etc.).

The results of this survey will be published to help institutions and research funders to understand the thoughts of early career dementia researchers. The results will also be used to guide the development of future ISTAART programmes and resources, and will be shared with the World Dementia Council. The closing date for this survey is 31 October 2021.

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