Innovative Health Initiative launches calls for research proposals


The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI), the public private research partnership between the EU and industry, has launched its first calls for research proposals. In total, six topics have been included across two calls, including: 1. Better support for patients with neurodegenerative diseases plus other diseases 2. Next generation imaging and image therapy for cancer 3. Towards more personalised, multi-modal cancer treatments 4. Unlocking the potential of health data to improve care and advance research 5. Improved prediction, prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of cardiovascular diseases 6. A methodology to advance the early stage development of health technologies in the EU The first four topics (on cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and health data) are launched under IHI call 1. The topics on cardiovascular disease and early feasibility studies fall under IHI call 2. The deadline for proposals for both calls is 20 September 2022. IHI will contribute up to EUR 135 million to projects funded under IHI call 1. Applicants to this call must ensure that at least 45 % of the total project costs are met via contributions from IHI private partners and/or IHI contributing partners. For IHI call 2, the IHI contribution is around EUR 22 million, a figure that will be matched by the contributions committed by private and contributing partners. Further information on the calls can be found at: