INDUCT updates its "Best Practice Guidance - Human Interaction with Technology in Dementia" with first recommendations from DISTINCT


INDUCT (European Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technology) has published an updated version of its Best Practice Guidance - Human Interaction with Technology in Dementia. This is a comprehensive set of recommendations on improvement of technology for people with dementia in three areas: everyday life, meaningful activities and healthcare. It also provides evidence to show how technology can improve the lives of people with dementia.

This Best Practice Guidance originally results from literature studies and field research conducted within INDUCT (2016-2020), a Marie Sklodowska Curie funded Innovative Training Network (ITN) of researchers at eight Universities in six European countries. The web-based version of the Best Practice Guidance was launched in autumn 2019 and a year later a first update was published. In the update of the Best Practice Guidance of December 2021, the first recommendations of a second Marie Sklodowska Curie funded ITN on Technology and dementia, called DISTINCT (2019-2023) are included. The main aim of DISTINCT is to provide the evidence to show how technology can improve the social health of people living with dementia by enabling them to 1) fulfil their potential on a societal level, 2) manage their own lives and 3) participate in social and meaningful activities.

The recommendations for improving the usability, effectiveness and implementation of technology in dementia, which are presented in this Best Practice Guidance, are meant to be helpful for different target groups: People with dementia; their formal and informal carers; health care and welfare providers; policymakers; designers; and researchers. For this reason, representatives of these target groups were consulted and involved throughout the INDUCT and DISTINCT projects. Have a look at the website and easily navigate to the recommendations relevant to you: