IDoService project designs “I Can Do Pathway” booklet to support wellbeing through activities


The IDoService project now enters its last four months, which will be devoted to testing and improving the service prototype created. Based on stakeholders' inputs, the research team developed the “I Can Do Pathway” framework, comprising a set of coaching sessions to deliver the service. The aim is to help support people living with mild dementia to better identify opportunities for participation in meaningful activities.

The objective is to explore people’s strengths and preferences to offer concrete guidance about how to access these activities. A special focus is put on volunteering as it can offer an especially rewarding experience and satisfaction to help others. The service prototype comprises three coaching sessions delivered by a dementia advisor or someone with a similar position who has been trained to deliver the “I Can Do Pathway”. They take the role of “wellbeing mentor” and support people to explore:

1) their strengths and interests,

2) what they want to do and what’s on offer around them and

3) what to do and what support they need.

A visual and interactive booklet has been developed to guide people with dementia as well as mentors through this pathway. The project is now in the process of testing the service prototype with people living with mild dementia with support from a local charity, Age UK Salford. The testing will be essential for trying out and refining the prototype so that it works for people with dementia as well as for the charities' needs, providing a standardised tool to use and deliver the service in their daily practices. For more information: and for any questions or suggestions contact Dr Isabelle Tournier by email: or Twitter: @idoservice4dem1