The I Can Do Pathway - service design in the context of the IDoService project


Funded by the EU programme Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, the IDoService project aimed to co-develop a service that helps people with mild dementia to connect with relevant groups or organisations and to increase opportunities for active participation in meaningful activities. The resulting service, named “I Can Do Pathway”, was publicly presented at the project final symposium held on 6 October 2022 at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
The “I Can Do Pathway” is based on regular reports by people living with mild to moderate dementia about a lack of opportunities and barriers to take part in activities they enjoy or to access opportunities for helping other people. Guided by discussions and workshops with various stakeholders throughout this two-year research project, a flexible guide comprising a set of three coaching sessions was designed. The I Can Do Pathway guide can easily be used by charities or organisations welcoming people living with dementia in that a dementia advisor, social prescriber or other relevant professional from these organisations can take the role of “wellbeing mentor” to deliver the sessions. The wellbeing mentor will work with the person to explore together what might their strengths and interests regarding activities and how they might realise them through tangible actions or local activities, such as volunteering for a gardening group in their neighbourhood.
The I Can Do Pathway’s three sessions are designed as a one-to-one session, a group session, and a one-to-one session again. Session 1 enables exploring the person’s experiences, feelings, interests and skills in confidence. The group session allows people to think together in a friendly and social setting about which kind of activities they could engage in. Session 3 is one-to-one again and enables detailed planning of activities and support. To help navigate through these sessions, the guide provides the wellbeing mentor and the person(s) with dementia with relevant information and activities. It also functions as a workbook where they can write down and keep their notes, thoughts and decisions so they can find them whenever they want. The e-book version of the I Can Do Pathway guide and workbook is now available online for free on the project’s website:
This project built on the work done in the MinD project, in which Alzheimer Europe was involved.