Fall Meeting of the ABOARD project takes place in Utrecht


On 17 November 2022, the Fall Meeting of the ABOARD project took place in Utrecht, Netherlands. ABOARD is short for “A personalized medicine approach for Alzheimer’s disease” and is a public-private project which aims to prepare for a future in which Alzheimer’s disease is stopped before dementia has started. The Fall Meeting was dedicated to Appropriate Care. Tiana Van Grinsven, former member of the Board of Directors of Zorginstituut Nederland, gave a keynote address on this subject. The Fall Meeting was also in line with the Integral Care Agreement (IZA) that was signed last September. The IZA aims to keep healthcare good, accessible and affordable for the future, of which appropriate care is an important part. A number of Masterclasses were held during the event, led by Sjoerd Emonts (Bringing innovations to practice), Pieter van Bokhoven (Possible collaborations between businesses and academia), Mijke Buijs and Katja Drost (Shaping Appropriate Care) and Carolien Smits, Eline Heemskerk and Heleen Vellekoop (Towards making your research more inclusive). The project counts Alzheimer Europe among its more than 30 partners and Alzheimer Europe Director Jean Georges, who is a member of the project’s Advisory Board, participated in the meeting in Utrecht. Find out more about the project, here: https://www.alzheimer-nederland.nl/onderzoek/projecten/aboard