Facebook Fundraising initiative proves a success for Alzheimer Scotland


Alzheimer Scotland has started 2022 with the introduction of a new fundraising initiative for the charity, Facebook Challenges. Growing in popularity since the pandemic, the Facebook Challenges initiative has opened doors for charities to reach new audiences who consider the social media platform a part of daily life. Alzheimer Scotland asked participants to complete 90,000 steps over one week in January to represent the 90,000+ people living with dementia in Scotland. Registration was free and supporters could sign up, create a fundraising page and connect with other participants all via one Facebook Group. Keeping the concept clear, achievable and connected to the charities' cause has proven to be a successful combination for this new digital fundraising format. Return on investment was straightforward to monitor as all paid advertisement ran through Facebook, allowing conversion rates to be measured.

The month-long campaign has exceeded its target by 68% with an income of GBP 13,500 (EUR 16,200 approx.) to date, with one week still to go, at the time of writing. Alzheimer Scotland has been able to deliver this fundraising method through "GivePanel"; a Facebook giving tool designed to give charities a proven way to thank fundraisers, collect contact details, track results and drive new Facebook fundraisers. One key campaign benefit has been the ability to use Facebook Groups to connect supporters and allow organic conversation and support to flourish. Evidently, conversation between participants has shown a higher engagement rate than charity-led posts. This therefore reduces the charities' need to deliver a robust "supporter journey" after the point of sign up. Instead, they provide the tools and support to begin the challenge, and then allow participants to engage with one another and create their own unique supporter experience.

Due to the success of this fundraising format, moving forward the Alzheimer Scotland team aims to include Facebook Challenges within its calendar of events to ensure it continues to adapt and evolve within the growing arena of digital fundraising. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about the lessons they have learned, about embracing virtual fundraising during the pandemic. Contact them, via: events@alzscot.org