The EWGPWD meets online to discuss inclusive meetings


On 14 September, members of the EWGPWD met online to discuss the topic of inclusive meetings. The meetings were organised and facilitated by Project Officers Soraya, Ana and Daphné and Director for Projects, Dianne. During the consultation, the members of the EWGPWD were asked to reflect on their previous experience specifically regarding participating in meetings, expressing opinions and being able to follow a meeting. They provided their views about situations where they felt like a meeting did not work out well or did not meet their expectations and why this was the case. They also talked about positive experiences of meetings and what was helpful to them in that regard. The discussions first centred on face-to-face meetings and then the group moved on to elaborate on issues specifically relating to online meetings. All members participated very actively, providing useful feedback and examples that will serve to inform Alzheimer Europe’s 2023 short report and recommendations about inclusive meetings and travelling. This topic will be explored further by the group in the next meeting of the EWGPWD in Helsinki.