European Parliament adopts reports on political rights


The European Parliament has approved two reports, containing measures to strengthen the political rights of EU citizens living in another Member State of which they are not national (“mobile EU citizens”). The reports (2021/0372(CNS) and 2021/0373(CNS)) set out the Parliament’s stance concerning two Directives proposed by the European Commission on the rights of mobile EU citizens to participate in the European and municipal elections. The Parliament specifies that all EU citizens should have the right to vote “regardless of legal capacity”, whilst also including a provision stating that the legal capacity status decided by a citizen’s country of origin should not make them ineligible to stand as a candidate in elections to the European Parliament (providing the law in their country of residence does not prevent them). In relation to the elections, the Parliament proposes that all measures to facilitate the right to vote to nationals with disabilities, should also be put in place for non-nationals EU citizens with disabilities. Additionally, it calls for the information provided to voters to comply with the accessibility requirements set in the European Accessibility Act, including in accessible formats.

The full reports are available at: