European Parliament adopts report on disability rights


The European Parliament has adopted a report, “Towards equal rights for persons with disabilities”, which was developed by rapporteur Anne-Sophie Pelletier MEP (France, The Left). The text was adopted with 526 votes in favour, 10 against and 83 abstentions). The report proposes a number of specific measures to address the social, legal, and political framework for disability rights, including:

• The adoption of the horizontal health treatment directive •

A reform of the European electoral law

• A legislative act to expand the remit of the EU Disability Card

• A revision of the Employment Directive.

In addition, the report addressed issues related to equal recognition before the law, specifically related to legal capacity and equal recognition before the law. It calls for the Commission and Member States to reform their legal systems to abolish restrictions on the legal capacity of persons with disabilities and replace substituted decision-making regimes by supported decision-making. The full report can be accessed at: