European Economic and Social Committee publishes opinion on role of civil society


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has published an opinion (SOC/969-EESC-2021), entitled “The role of Civil Society Organisations as guardians of the common good in the post-pandemic recovery and reconstruction of EU societies and economies”. In the opinion, the EESC outlines that it considers engaging in dialogue with civil society and social partners as constituting an effective way for policy-makers to understand the varying needs of people belonging to different social groups. Furthermore, the opinion states that there should be no repression of social dialogue and civil society dialogue in the EU, whilst consultation processes should be easy to find and to access. The EESC points at the potential for civil society to assist policy-makers in essential tasks such as monitoring, but that this should be accompanied with funding and technical support to enable CSOs to build capacity. The full opinion can be read at: