European Disability Forum publishes position paper on disability card


The European Disability Forum (EDF) has published a position paper on the development and implementation of a European Disability Card. In its Strategy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030 (ESRPD), the European Commission indicated that it would issue a proposal for a European Disability Card by 2023. One year on from the launch of the ESRPD, EDF has issued the position paper, noting that many key questions have yet to be answered.

The position paper makes a number of recommendations, proposing the European Disability Card should:

• Be based on binding EU legislation, i.e. a Regulation or a Directive

• Allow for mutual recognition of one’s disability status

• Cover a maximum of different areas beyond culture, leisure, and sport. It should by default also cover national, regional, and local public transport, education in the framework of EU Mobility Programmes, facilitate employment in the transition phase to access the national disability benefit system when moving abroad, as well as commercial benefits.

• Be accompanied by an EU-level website and online database available in all EU languages

• Be accompanied by an EU funding instrument that ensures continuity and a lasting legacy beyond the initial launch

• Be accompanied with a communication and awareness raising campaign to ensure the biggest possible impact

• Not be combined physically with the European Parking Card but they should be kept separately.

The position paper is available at: