European Commission adopts EU4Health Work Programme 2023


The European Commission has launched the 2023 Work Programme for EU4Health, setting out the priority areas and budget for the year. Under “Action Grants” there is reference to a call for proposals in relation to “prevention of NCDs in the area of dementia and other neurological disorders”. In addition, under the heading “Grants for actions co-financed with Member States’ authorities/joint actions” there is specific reference to “Healthier Together EU NCD initiative - focusing on chronic respiratory diseases, mental health, dementia and other neurological disorders”. The overall budget for 2023 is EUR 735,788,071 of which EUR 428,260,000 will be grants, EUR 176 428 071 will be procurement (both under direct management) and EUR 131 100 000 will be under indirect management.

Of particular interest: 

  • Operating Grants are allocated EUR 9 million 
  • Prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – chronic respiratory diseases, mental health and dementia is allocated 18.36 million.

Further information on the 2023 Work Programme is available at: